The Best Dress Styles To Hide The Waistline

If you are engaged to marry, and you are beginning to look at wedding dresses, there are different styles made to accentuate and camouflage parts of the body. If you are interested in hiding your mid-torso due to weight or pregnancy, there are several options available to draw the line of vision to other areas of the body. Here are a few dress styles that would work best in drawing attention away from your waistline.

Consider The Cut

When selecting a wedding gown, pick either an A-line, empire or ball gown. An A-line style has a natural waist, allowing the material to drape down from the upper torso. This type of style will make the overall appearance of the body thinner by making everything look proportional. An empire style dress has a raised waistline that sits right below the breasts. This fit gives you extra room in the waist area of the gown, hiding it in the process. A ball gown has a full skirt, taking the focal point from the waist to the skirted part of the dress.

Accentuate The Neckline

The best way to draw attention from your waistline is to wear a dress with a fitted bodice. Look for a low-cut dress that makes your curves seen. Another option is to select a dress with intricate patterning of beads, rhinestones or sequins around the bust line. This will draw attention up rather than to the middle of your dress.

Pick The Best Material

When picking out material for your dress, stay away from silk or satin, as these will show every flaw underneath in spots where the material is tight against the body. Opt for something that has pleats or ruching around the stomach area to draw attention to the material instead of what is underneath. Pick a dress with layers of taffeta, netting, or lace so people will pay more attention to the design of the material.

Use Accessories To Help

Pairing your dress with the right accessories can also help keep focus away from your midsection. Wear an elaborate headpiece or veil to draw eyes upward. Wear a pair of high-heels to lengthen your overall body stature, drawing attention to your height and not your weight. Wear a flashy necklace so people are more drawn to your bust line than your waistline. Play up your makeup and hair style, as well, to draw more attention to your face than your body.