Make Your Special Day Memorable With An Indian Wedding

A wedding is a special day that every individual loves to celebrate in their own unique way. If you want a traditional Indian wedding, planning one could be just the right choice. Indian weddings offer an exquisite combination of vibrant colors, aromatic flavors, vibrant music, and rich heritage. From wedding décor to wedding attire, the colors and vibrancy in everything make it a day full of life. Here's how you can make your special day memorable with an Indian wedding.

Wedding Décor:

The first and foremost way to start with an Indian wedding is by setting up the wedding venue with Indian décor. You can go the traditional route and pick colors such as red, gold, and green or mix and match with your style choice. You can incorporate floral designs of saffron, marigold, and jasmine all over the place. To add more to the Indian vibe, you can also add mandap decorations along with stunning fairy lights and tea light candles for a beautiful venue that guests will always remember.


Indian weddings are known worldwide for their mouth-watering cuisine. You can choose dishes based on your preferences, ranging from chicken tikka masala to tandoori naan bread and kulfi and lassi for dessert. You can also have an Indian food station, complete with dosa, chaat, or Kebabs. You could also display exquisite food items like the Hyderabadi Biryani with Raita or Jeera rice with a tangy dal and paneer dish with an array of bread, naan, and stuffed parathas

Wedding Clothes:

As far as wedding attire is concerned, Indian weddings offer a plethora of options. You could choose traditional Indian dresses such as a saree, lehenga choli, or a salwar kameez. Gents can go for sherwani, dhoti, and Kurta, which anyone can accessorize with vibrant jewelry tones such as gold, silver, and Kundan to brighten up the ensemble. Traditional Marwari or Rajasthani outfits with turbans for men make for a striking Kippah alternative. Accessories and bright colors are significant in Indian attire, so make sure to choose wisely here.

Music and dancing:

No Indian wedding is complete without music and dancing. You could hire a traditional band or a DJ or live singers to perform Bollywood hits, Ghazals, and Sufi music. In addition, you can add an Indian element to your dancing choreography by hiring instructors to lead your guests on an exciting Holi dance, garba, or bhangra. 

Celebrating your special day with an Indian wedding is an unforgettable experience. Contact an Indian wedding designer to learn more.