3 Ideas For Instant Wedding Decorations

When you are getting married at a chapel in Las Vegas, such as A Little White Wedding Chapel, chances are good that you're going to have to make short work of the ceremony. You might have the chapel for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes. This can seriously put a crimp in your decorating plans because you might not have time to set up anything more elaborate. Here are some instant wedding decoration ideas that will make your ceremony look amazing and set the mood, no matter how much time you have.

1. Candles

The first option is to use candles. Candles are able to add instant ambiance to a room without a lot of effort on your part. To use candles, go to a store ahead of time and decide if you want to use real flame or flickering tea lights that run on batteries. If you want to use real flame, purchase as many candles as you think you can light reliably within a few minutes, as well as a very good lighter with an extensive neck. If you don't want to bother with real candles but still want candle ambiance, you can purchase flickering tea lights from any home and garden store. You can also purchase candle holders that are designed to hold real, tiny tea candles. Before you go into the chapel, turn all of the tea lights on and put them in their respective candle holders.

Once you're in the chapel, spread out. Have your fiancee take half the candles and have you take the other half of the candles. Put them on the steps that are leading up to the alter and on the alter itself. Make sure that you collect the candles when you are done.

2. One Large Garland

Another idea is to prepare a garland ahead of time. This could be a piece of filmy cloth with flowers and beads attached that can dangle above your heads while you are at the alter. It could also be a true garland of just flowers that is sure to make your pictures look great.

Once you're in the chapel, you and your fiancee each need to grab a different end of the garland. Stand on a chair and use easy to remove strips of frame hangers to attach the garland to the walls or ceiling.

3. Huge Flower Buckets

Finally, the easiest way to add ambiance to your short wedding ceremony is to go to a florist and purchase larger buckets of flowers that you can just set next to the altar.

For more information, talk to the manager of the wedding chapel that you are planning to use.