3 Things You Need To Have The Perfect Garden Wedding Reception

Many couple's favorite seasons are the spring and summer months. A garden theme reception allows you to incorporate all of the beautiful flowers available this time of the year. This type of setting is different from a traditional outdoor wedding. Gardens give you a sense of peace, life and tranquility. These elements are uplifting and can inspire your reception. Here are three things you need to have the perfect garden wedding reception.

Choosing The Right Location

It helps to choose a reception venue gardens location that is easy to get to. You have to consider that some guests may be traveling from out of town. It is common to think a garden theme means an outdoor wedding. However, this type of theme allows you to get creative.

There are some amazing garden venues located indoors like botanical gardens. A botanical garden has a variety of plants on display for the public and is often used for scientific study. This venue allows for private rentals to the public. Choosing a botanical garden also means getting a garden setting without having an outdoors wedding.

Some universities and colleges have private gardens that can be used for a reception. You have to check what is available in your local and surrounding community. The main focus is to find a location with a lot of flowers and plants.

Set Up A Flower Wall

A flower wall is one of the ways to incorporate a garden inspired reception. It will add interest and life to your party. You can create this look by mixing in various shades of roses and dahlias. If you are on a budget, then you can get the same look using carnations and mums. Your flower wall also can be used as a background for taking pictures.

Select A Wedding Menu

There are a lot of foods suited for the summer months. You can also incorporate the food into your garden theme. A salad is a good item to include on your menu. It is affordable and can feed a lot of people. You should put in plenty of fruit and greens in the salad. The different colors will give your food a summer look.

Creating a dessert garden is another option. You can attach small pieces of cheesecake to lollipop sticks and showcase them on a bed of wheatgrass. Selecting your complete menu will depend on your personal preferences and budget.

It is important to not forget the reason for your union. You should not allow the planning to get you frustrated. Contact a business, such as Puerta Privada Reception Hall, for more information.