Creative Custom Wedding Aisle Runners

When planning a wedding, you want your decorations to be elegant yet simple enough to reflect the solemnity of the occasion. One way to unify your decorations, flowers, candles, archways, and lighting is to use a custom-printed aisle runner. Standard wedding aisle runners are made of polypropylene which is strong and will not rip, tear, or puncture with normal use. Here are some considerations to think about when you have a custom wedding aisle runner printed:

Monogrammed Initials - An elegant and stylish look for a wedding aisle runner includes the monogrammed initials of the bride and groom printed at the beginning and end of the runner. The shared last name initial of the couple can be printed in the center of a custom monogram with the first name initials of the bride and groom printed on either side. This monogram can be encircled with a graphic frame and placed at the beginning and end of the aisle runner. If the runner is especially long, you can repeat this monogram at intervals down the length of the runner. ​

Colors, Prints, and Patterns - Aisle runners are available in many colors with and without prints and patterns. Some popular aisle runner colors are royal blue, deep crimson red, soft pink, grass green, purple or lavender, bright or pale yellow, off-white, black, and the ever-popular white. Custom prints and patterns available for aisle runners include:

  • Hearts - Two small graphic hearts entwined together can be printed in an all-over pattern down the entire length of your aisle runner. These small hearts can face in all directions so that the design is legible to wedding guests on either side of the aisle. This pattern works well when printed in a color that is close in hue to the background color of the aisle runner. 
  • French Lace - This pattern incorporates, paisley shapes and floral designs in subtle patterns that blend with the background color of the aisle runner. This pattern looks good when it is the same color as the background or just a shade or two darker or lighter to give the runner some visual texture. 
  • Gold or Silver Metallic Dots - Various-sized metallic dots can be printed on the aisle runner to add sparkle and bling to your path to the altar. This is an understated pattern that can be effective when you have other prominent decorations. 
  • Garden Flowers - This aisle runner features printed flowers and leaves down the entire length of the runner. These floral designs can be multi-colored or a single color on a complimentary-colored background. They can also be printed on just the edges of the aisle runner for a graphic effect. 
  • Calligraphic Names and Swirls - The names of the bride and groom encircled with calligraphic swirls can be printed on the ends of the aisle runner in a contrasting color to the background. Calligraphic swirls and designs can also be printed down all four edges of the aisle runner for the length of the runner.   

Poetry and/or Scripture - Verses of personally chosen poetry or religious scripture can be printed down the entire length of the aisle runner. You can choose a favorite verse from the Bible, the Torah, or other religious books, or choose a verse from a favorite poet or author. You can also write the text yourself. These verses can be written horizontally or vertically on the aisle runner in a text color that is complimentary yet different enough from the background of the runner so that all wedding guests can easily read it. 

A customized wedding aisle runner can be a very attractive feature of your marriage ceremony. After your wedding, you can cut out the monograms or quotations on the aisle runner, hem the edges, and hang them as tapestries or wall graphics in your home. Whatever designs, colors, and/or prints you choose, your custom wedding aisle runner can serve as a lovely reminder of your wedding day celebration. For more ideas, work with a company like Starry Night Design Studio.