Chapel Wedding Planning

You are engaged to the sweetheart of your dreams! Excitement is in the air. Your families are just as happy as you are. Time to plan your happy day. One of the first things to do on the wedding list is finding a venue. Many happy couples choose to have a chapel wedding ceremony. Below there are some tips on how to find and work with a chapel for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Planner

You can work with your wedding planner to select a chapel. Wedding planners can usually provide you with a list of local chapels for your wedding ceremony. From their experience, wedding planners will have connections with chapel wedding coordinators. If you have in mind a chapel that the wedding planner is not familiar with, the wedding planner will contact the chapel to get the information needed to reserve it. Many couples reserve a chapel from the start of their engagement. This is often a good idea because the chapel of your dreams may be fully booked for many months.

Check the Chapel's Website and Online Reviews

In the age of technology, always visit the website of the chapel to become familiar with the building and the surrounding environment. See if there are pictures of prior actual weddings. The website may also give you an idea of the price to book the chapel. This way you do not need to book tours with chapels that are over your price range.

See if there are any online reviews for the chapel if you would like to schedule a tour. Online reviews can give you a sense of what chapels to choose, and what chapels may not meet your criteria.

Book a Tour

You can contact a chapel to book a tour. The tour will provide you with the opportunity to see if the chapel environment matches the pictures posted on the chapel's website. You can see the inside and the outside area. By becoming familiar with the surroundings, you and your photographer will have a better vision for the wedding pictures.

Chapel Wedding Coordinator

The chapel wedding coordinator will work with you to organize the seating. They will inform you what decorations can be used in the chapel. The chapel wedding coordinator will tell you what dates are available. Some chapels may even have the option to live-stream the ceremony to people who could not attend the ceremony. The chapel wedding coordinator will inform you about the different options available.

Chapel Organist

Make an appointment to meet with the chapel organist. The chapel organist will work with you to select music that you prefer, but at the same time meets the chapel's guidelines. The chapel organist will inform you if they are willing to collaborate with a vocalist.

Chapel Officiant

Meet with the chapel officiant to get a feel about their personality, and to determine if they are someone who you feel comfortable to preside over your special day. The chapel officiant will also inform you about the chapel itself and provide any other information needed for the wedding day.

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