Things That You'll Enjoy About Having Your Wedding at a Maple Syrup Farm

If you and your spouse-to-be are keen on finding a wedding venue that will offer a unique experience, a maple syrup farm in your area can be a sweet choice. For those who are fortunate enough to live in areas that produce maple syrup, it's often possible to find farms that have facilities that can accommodate weddings and other big events. Once you secure the venue space, you can then begin to make plans about how you'll incorporate this unique venue into your ceremony and reception. Here are some things that you'll enjoy about hosting your big day on a maple syrup farm.

Combination of Indoor & Outdoor Space

When people choose wedding venues, they often pick spots that are either outdoors or indoors. At a maple syrup farm, you'll be able to use both types of space. For example, if the weather is good, you can definitely set up space to have your ceremony outdoors — perhaps in a clearing that is surrounded by tall maple trees. You can then move indoors into a barn-style building to have your reception. Having the two different spaces means that you won't be scrambling to convert your ceremony space into a reception space.

Inclusion of Maple Elements

Of course, you'll want to find a variety of ways to include maple products on your big day. An obvious choice is to have some maple syrup-inspired items on your dinner menu. For example, you might offer maple syrup cocktails or desserts. You can also use maple leaves to decorate. If you're getting married in the fall and favor the vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues of maple leaves, you can gather a bundle of them and decorate your space with them. You might even have people throw colorful maple leaves into the air like confetti for you to walk through.

Child-Friendly Activities

It's often fun to have one or more child-friendly activities planned for your wedding day. Weddings can be boring for kids, but when there's something unique to do, children will be less likely to get fussy and spoil the day for their parents. At a maple syrup farm, the obvious choice is to take a horse-drawn wagon ride. Regardless of the season that you pick for your wedding, the farm can likely accommodate groups of your guests by taking on a trail around the farm. You might wish to schedule this type of activity for when you're having your pictures taken.