3 Styles of Asymmetrical Wedding Dresses That May Catch Your Eye

One of the keys to a successful wedding dress shopping trip is to have an idea of what style of dress you want to buy before you enter the boutique — but to also be open to trying on other styles before you make a final decision. When you evaluate different wedding dresses, you'll notice that many of them have symmetrical designs. This means that when you're looking at the dress in the mirror while you're wearing it, there's a high degree of visual symmetry from side to side. However, some wedding dresses have asymmetrical designs, and this look may appeal to you. Here are some examples.

Shoulder Style

A common feature of asymmetrical wedding dresses is that their shoulder styles are different. For example, you might notice a dress that has extends over your shoulder on one side but leaves the other shoulder bare. This is a look that many women favor because it provides visual interest; some people find that it's more interesting to look at than a wedding dress that has identical shoulder styles on each side of the garment. If you're the type of bride who wants to show off some skin — but not too much of it — this design may appeal to you.

Skirt Style

As you shop, you'll undoubtedly come across several different styles of wedding dresses that have asymmetrical skirts. There are many different ways that a wedding dress can have an asymmetrical skirt. A common design is that the skirt is relatively short on the front but long on the back — even if it doesn't have a train. Another option is a skirt that is asymmetrical from side to side, with one side cut high and the other cut long.

Sleeve Style

If you're looking for an asymmetrical wedding dress that has a dramatically unique design, you might choose one that has different sleeve lengths. For example, some dresses have a sleeve on one side that extends down to your wrist, while the other side of the dress is sleeveless. This can be a look that you choose simply because you favor the style, but it can also have practical applications. For example, if you like the sleeveless look but have tattoos on one arm that you want to cover, this can be a perfect type of dress for you.

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