4 Tips For Planning A Waterfront Wedding

Getting married next to the water can provide you with a beautiful setting for your special day. There are a few special tips you should keep in mind when it comes to a waterfront wedding.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

If you want to take advantage of a waterfront venue, you will want to have a daytime ceremony. With a daytime ceremony, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the setting where you are getting married without having to bring in artificial light. If you want to dance the night away, you can always have the ceremony in the afternoon, serve dinner, and then dance afterward. Or you can have a completely daytime wedding, depending on your preferences.

Use a Sound System

One disadvantage of getting married outside next to a water source that will create its sound is that you will have to deal with a lot of different environmental sounds. If you want your guests to hear your ceremony, you will want to have a sound system set up for your ceremony. You will want to have a microphone set-up to catch the officiants words and the words of you and your spouse. Be sure to place a windscreen cover over the microphone so that your guests don't have to list to the wind over the speakers.

Plan for the Wind & Weather

When you get married next to the water, wind can always be an issue, so plan for it. Have a windscreen for your microphone. Use decorations that you can easily anchor down and that will not blow widely in the wind. Have a back-up plan for your ceremony if the initial location will not work due to the weather.

Consider Public Access

Finally, you need to take into consideration what the public access will be to your venue. Often, when getting married by the waterfront, you may be on private property or public property. If you are on public property, you need to be prepared for a random person to walk by the venue. If you are getting married on private property, make sure you rent out the entire venue to avoid having random people in the area of your wedding.

When it comes to getting married by the waterfront, you don't have to go big on the decorations. You are going to want to have a daytime ceremony to show off the beauty of the space. Be sure to set up a sound system so your guests can hear the ceremony. Always have a back-up weather plan, and be aware of public access to your venue site. Reach out to the staff at a waterfront wedding venue to learn more.