5 Ways Vendors Can Help You Choose A Wedding Venue

Wedding venue choice is vital for the success of your big day. And while the primary decision-making should be yours alone, you may find surprisingly good guidance from an unexpected source: your vendors. How can wedding vendors help you choose the right location? Here are a few ways.

1. Some Venues Don't Allow Vendors

Do you have must-have vendors who you are already firmly set on? If so, this can be affected if a potential venue doesn't allow outside vendors to work the weddings. Ask about their policy for outside vendors, as even those who allow them may actively discourage their use. If your caterer or photographer is that important, you can rule out some venues right off the bat. 

2. Vendors Can Recommend Venues

Wedding vendors in your local area have experience with all the major wedding locations. So start by asking them their recommendations. When you choose a venue that is well-liked by vendors, you get a quality location and and experienced facility. This assistance saves you from having to spend extra time trying to vet individual locations on criteria you may not be particularly familiar with. 

3. Not All Vendors Work At a Location

Again, if you have already set your heart on a particular vendor, such as your wedding planner or photographer, you need to know if they can come to the venue. Some venues may be too distant for a local vendor, for instance. Or your vendor may not be willing to work with that venue's protocols. If a key vendor isn't willing or able to work at your wedding, you may need to decide which choice is the most important to you. 

4. Vendors Know What It Takes

A vendor assess the venue based on different — usually more practical — criteria than a couple getting married. This is why it's a good idea to talk with major vendors about what they need from your location. They may help you assess vital elements like the parking, space for all to work, ease of access, electrical and utility connections, and the right kind of venue staff assistance. 

5. Vendors May Be Unbiased Voices

If you want the honest truth about a choice like the venue, look for an independent and impartial opinion. Family and friends have their own perspective, but it's often biased in some way. An outside business owner is a resource you can bounce ideas off of without the additional baggage of personal relationships or preconceived notions. They aren't beholden to an unrelated business nor to price expectations. 

Ready to start touring wedding venues? As you do, talk to your favorite local vendors for recommendations and practical things to look for. Together with your entire team of professionals, you can choose a great space that will result in lasting memories and the perfect day.